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27 Miles at Stitch Showroom
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About This Project



Husband and wife Emily & Ernie Vallorano founded 27 Miles Malibu in 2012, after taking a trip to Los Angeles and seeing the “Welcome to Malibu 27 Miles of scenic beauty'' sign on the Pacific Coast Highway. The experienced fashion couple fell in love with the California lifestyle. Their journey inspired them to create a California-born, luxury cashmere knitwear line offering everyday women the perfect blend of high fashion and street style while remaining casual and sophisticated.

We create our collections by combining colorful, modern elements with a retro vibe reminiscent of California’s golden days. Every season, we design ultra-soft premium cashmere sweaters that encapsulate the relaxed Cali culture into easy-to-wear pieces, we also ensure that our creations are ethically and sustainably manufactured. After a decade in the fashion marketplace, 27 Miles Malibu continues to feature four collections a year that enrich your wardrobe while staying mindful of its carbon footprint.

We put love and care into each original design while overseeing the production to ensure excellent quality. We pride ourselves in knowing that each collection features premium long-lasting knitwear that is fun, bold, unique, comfortable and will be coveted for many years to come.

We look forward to seeing you wear our creations on the beach, at work, or during a girl's night out!


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